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Persona IQ® is a smarter way to regain mobility.

Persona IQ The Smart Knee® is the next step in orthopedic innovation, redefining personalized knee care by combining Persona, the world’s leading knee system with a smart stem extension that contains sensors to seamlessly collect motion data.

The motion data from your Persona IQ Knee Implant is securely transferred to you and your care team and is visible through the mymobility app.

Dr. Rick Davis – The Persona® IQ Smart Knee
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Dr. Rick Davis – The Persona IQ® The Smart Knee®

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Did you know that you can use your Apple Watch or iPhone to help you prepare for surgery as well as track your progress after joint replacement? mymobility is a great option for our patients that provides guidance on preparation leading up to surgery, including physical therapy exercises, as well as reminders and protocols to follow after surgery.  This can be used alongside the recommendations of your physical therapist.  All the recommendations, reminders, and exercises have been personalized for Dr. Davis’ patients. Check out the link here to learn more.

Photo of ROSA® courtesy of Zimmer Biomet

What Is Robotic-Assisted Surgery?

"Robotic-assisted joint replacement is exciting and revolutionary technology in the world of orthopedics."

Robotic-assisted surgery uses advanced computer technology to get the exact size and correct position of the knee replacement implants, which is personalized for each patient. A robotic arm is used during the surgical procedure to help align the cutting blocks that Dr. Davis uses to complete the knee replacement. Some studies have shown less blood loss and less trauma to the surrounding tissues of the knee, and more precise placement of the implants.

Dr. Davis can talk with you regarding how robotic-assisted joint replacement can benefit your recovery.

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What About New “Smart” Technology?

What would you say if I told you that your new knee replacement could give you feedback about your recovery? Well, the technology has arrived! For patients that desire to know the most up-to-date data regarding their range of motion, step counts, and even average walking speeds, new technology provided by Zimmer/Biomet has made that possible. This smart technology combines robotic assistance with a blue tooth enabled app to give both the patient and surgeon vital information to help patients recover faster.

"This state of the art technology is the next step towards more individualized patient care and recovery!"

Please check out this link for more information.

Smart Technology